Wifredo Ricart9
José María Moreno-Navarrete8
José Manuel Fernández-Real7
Beatriz Suárez-Álvarez4
9Wifredo Ricart
8José María Moreno-Navarrete
7José Manuel Fernández-Real
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We present a branch-and-cut algorithm to solve the single commodity uncapacitated fixed charge network flow problem, which includes the Steiner tree problem, uncapaci-tated lot-sizing problems, and the fixed charge transportation problem as special cases. The cuts used are simple dicut inequalities and their variants. A crucial problem when separating these(More)
Geophysical observations from the 2011 moment magnitude (M(w)) 9.0 Tohoku-Oki, Japan earthquake allow exploration of a rare large event along a subduction megathrust. Models for this event indicate that the distribution of coseismic fault slip exceeded 50 meters in places. Sources of high-frequency seismic waves delineate the edges of the deepest portions(More)
  • Beatriz Suárez-Álvarez, Ramón M. Rodriguez, Vincenzo Calvanese, Miguel A. Blanco-Gelaz, Steve T. Suhr, Francisco Ortega +5 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are an attractive resource for new therapeutic approaches that involve tissue regeneration. hESCs have exhibited low immunogenicity due to low levels of Mayor Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class-I and absence of MHC class-II expression. Nevertheless, the mechanisms regulating MHC expression in hESCs had not(More)
  • José María Moreno-Navarrete, Mònica Sabater, Francisco Ortega, Wifredo Ricart, José Manuel Fernández-Real
  • 2012
Zonulin is the only physiological mediator known to regulate intestinal permeability reversibly by modulating intercellular tight junctions. To investigate the relationship between intestinal permeability and obesity-associated metabolic disturbances in humans, we aimed to study circulating zonulin according to obesity and insulin resistance. Circulating(More)
BACKGROUND Omentin-1 is a novel adipokine expressed in visceral adipose tissue and negatively associated with insulin resistance and obesity. We aimed to study the effects of weight loss-induced improved insulin sensitivity on circulating omentin concentrations. METHODS Circulating omentin-1 (ELISA) concentration in association with metabolic variables(More)
  • Kristian Remes, Francisco Ortega, Ignacio Fierro, Ulrich Joger, Ralf Kosma, José Manuel Marín Ferrer +2 others
  • 2009
BACKGROUND The early evolution of sauropod dinosaurs is poorly understood because of a highly incomplete fossil record. New discoveries of Early and Middle Jurassic sauropods have a great potential to lead to a better understanding of early sauropod evolution and to reevaluate the patterns of sauropod diversification. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS A new sauropod(More)
BACKGROUND Sauropod dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to walk on land, and, as a result, the evolution of their remarkable adaptations has been of great interest. The braincase is of particular interest because it houses the brain and inner ear. However, only a few studies of these structures in sauropods are available to date. Because of the(More)
Titanosaurians were a flourishing group of sauropod dinosaurs during Cretaceous times. Fossils of titanosaurians have been found on all continents and their remains are abundant in a number of Late Cretaceous sites. Nonetheless, the cranial anatomy of titanosaurians is still very poorly known. The Spanish latest Cretaceous locality of "Lo Hueco" yielded a(More)
AIM The Wnt/β-catenin signaling network offers potential targets to diagnose and uncouple obesity from its metabolic complications. In this study, we investigate the role of the Wnt antagonist, secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1), in promoting adipogenesis in vitro and adipose tissue expansion in vivo. METHODS We use a combination of human and(More)
  • Jose Manuel Fernandez-Real, Javier A. Menendez, Jose Maria Moreno-Navarrete, Matthias Blüher, Alejandro Vazquez-Martin, María Jesús Vázquez +5 others
  • 2010
CONTEXT Circulating fatty acid synthase (FASN) is a biomarker of metabolically demanding human diseases. The aim of this study was to determine whether circulating FASN could be a biomarker of overnutrition-induced metabolic stress and insulin resistance in common metabolic disorders. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Circulating FASN was evaluated in two(More)