Francisco Nunes Souza Neto

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OBJECTIVES This in situ study was to evaluate the remineralizing effect of a fluoride toothpaste supplemented with nano-sized sodium trimetaphosphate (TMP). METHODS This blind and cross-over study was performed in 4 phases of 3 days each. Twelve subjects used palatal appliances containing four bovine enamel blocks with artificial caries lesions.(More)
This study evaluated the effect of toothpastes containing 1100 ppm F associated with nano-sized sodium hexametaphosphate (HMPnano) on enamel demineralization in vitro using a pH-cycling model. Bovine enamel blocks (4 mm × 4 mm, n = 72) selected by initial surface hardness (SHi) were randomly allocated into six groups (n = 12), according to the test(More)
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