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In Spain there are 74 universities, many of which have computer science departments that host AI-related research groups. AEPIA, the Spanish society for AI research, was founded in 1983 and has been vigorously promoting the advancement of AI since then. Along with several other societies and communities of interest, it promotes various periodic conferences(More)
A sesquiterpenic lactone has been isolated from an extract of Artemisia cannariensis Lee by Clark's method and column chromatography. The hypoglycemic effects of the drug have been assayed in rats, as compared to different doses of insulin and a known sulphonylures drug. The subatance, which has been identified as vulgarine by professor Gonzalez, has highly(More)
According to the World Health Organization, the world's leading cause of death is heart disease, with nearly two million deaths per year. Although some factors are not possible to change, there are some keys that help to prevent heart diseases. One of the most important keys is to keep an active daily life, with moderate exercise. However, deciding what a(More)
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