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The purpose of this demonstration is to show the functionality of EDIV tool to manage distributed virtualization scenarios that are deployed on PASITO, a federated experimentation infrastructure created and coordinated by RedIRIS (the Spanish Research and Education Network). The demo presents the different phases a researcher would follow to create and(More)
Treatment of developing rats with monosodium glutamate (MSG) produces an increase of glutamate levels in the brain, being this elevation dependent on both route of administration and animal's age. The capacity of exogenous MSG to induce convulsions seems to be related to the rate of glutamate elevation in the brain, rather than to the absolute value of(More)
A substantial elevation of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate can be produced in the brain of 3-day old rats, either after subcutaneous injection of monosodium glutamate (4 mg/g), or by hyperthermic treatment (40 degrees C, 3 h). In the glutamate-treated animals a large increase in the GABA levels has also been observed while the elevation of this(More)
The content of free amino acids in the cerebrospinal fluid from 52 children in different age groups with febrile seizures were determined and compared to 88 age matched children without seizures. We found that the concentrations of some amino acids in CSF in the control group decreased slowly with age, reaching the concentrations found in adults at the age(More)
We introduce the concept of δ-sequence. A δ-sequence ∆ generates a well-ordered semigroup S in Z 2 or R. We show how to construct (and compute parameters) for the dual code of any evaluation code associated with a weight function defined by ∆ from the polynomial ring in two indeterminates to a semigroup S as above. We prove that this is a simple procedure(More)
Let X be a smooth projective surface such that linear and numerical equivalence of divisors on X coincide and let σ ⊆ |D| be a linear pencil on X with integral general fibers. A fiber of σ will be called special if either it is not integral or it has non-generic multiplicity at some of the base points (including the infinitely near ones) of the pencil. In(More)
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