Francisco Miguel Gama

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Sulfated fucans comprise families of polydisperse natural polysaccharides based on sulfated L-fucose. Our aim was to investigate whether fucan nanogel induces cell-specific responses. To that end, a non toxic fucan extracted from Spatoglossum schröederi was chemically modified by grafting hexadecylamine to the polymer hydrophilic backbone. The resulting(More)
Self-assembled nanogels made of hydrophobized pullulan were obtained using a versatile, simple, reproducible and low-cost method. In a first reaction pullulan was modified with hydroxyethyl methacrylate or vinyl methacrylate, further modified in the second step with hydrophobic 1-hexadecanethiol, resulting as an amphiphilic material, which self-assembles in(More)
Bacterial cellulose (BC) is used in different fields as a biological material due to its unique properties. Despite there being many BC applications, there still remain many problems associated with bioprocess technology, such as increasing productivity and decreasing production cost. New technologies that use waste from the food industry as raw materials(More)
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