Francisco Melendez-Fernandez

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Robotic telepresence is a promising tool for enhancing remote communications in a variety of applications. It enables a person to embody a robot and interact within a remote place in a direct and natural way. A particular scenario where robotic telepresence demonstrates its advantages is in elder telecare applications in which a caregiver regularly connects(More)
Mobile robotic telepresence systems used for social interaction scenarios require that users steer robots in a remote environment. As a consequence, a heavy workload can be put on users if they are unfamiliar with using robotic telepresence units. One way to lessen this workload is to automate certain operations performed during a telepresence session in(More)
This paper reports on the EU project ExCITE with specific focus on the technical development of the telepresence platform over a period of 42 months. The aim of the project was to assess the robustness and validity of the mobile robotic telepresence (MRP) system Giraff as a means to support elderly and to foster their social interaction and participation.(More)
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