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Callosobruchus maculatus (Cm) and Zabrotes subfasciatus (Zs) were reared on resistant (IT81D-1045) and on susceptible (Epace 10) cowpea seeds. The emergence of adult insects, total developmental period (TDP) and excretion of trypsin inhibitor and vicilin were determined for both bruchid populations. Parameter evaluation showed that the Zs populations(More)
Bovine tuberculosis is a major cause of economic loss in countries where it is endemic, and in some countries, it may be a significant zoonotic disease problem. Therefore, new strategies for vaccine development are required, and among them, genetic immunization has potential value. The main goal of this study was to test the Mycobacterium bovis Ag85B gene(More)
Proteinaceous inhibitors with high inhibitory activities against human neutrophil elastase (HNE) were found in seeds of the Tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica). A serine proteinase inhibitor denoted PG50 was purified using ammonium sulphate and acetone precipitation followed by Sephacryl S-300 and Sephadex G-50 gel filtration chromatographies. Inhibitor PG50(More)
BACKGROUND One difficulty of self-sustainability is the quality assurance of native products. This research was designed to study the risks and critical control points in the collection, handling and marketing of Brazil nuts from native forests and urban fairs in the Brazilian Amazon by characterisation of morphological aspects of fungi and posterior(More)
There is still controversy about the immunologic function of autotransplanted splenic tissue. In this study, splenic autotransplantation was performed in the abdominal cavity of mice, and the plaque-forming cell (PFC) assay was used to investigate the frequency of antibody-forming cells in response to sheep red blood cell (SRBC) immunization. BALB/c mice(More)
Chitosan has attracted much interest due to its special physical and chemical properties related to drug administration. Nanoparticles delivery systems from Vi Antigen are a promising approach in the struggle against typhoid fever. In this paper, we reported the obtainment and the characterization of Vi Antigen by Infrared spectroscopy as well as Molecular(More)
BACKGROUND Caries and periodontal diseases remain as important diseases in the Brazilian population. One important pathogen associated with this situation is Streptococcus mutans and other important factor is this pathogen's ability to adhere firmly to the tooth surface leading to dental biofilm formation and caries development. OBJECTIVES Determine the(More)
Fourteen thalidomide analogs bearing two phthalimido units were prepared in high yields (83-94%) by condensation of different diamines with phthalic or 3-nitrophthalic anhydride. An in vitro investigation of the compounds as inhibitors of the TNF-alpha production was performed. The inhibition was higher for compounds bearing amino and nitro groups and was(More)
Vismia guianensis is a plant species of high occurrence in the Amazon and northeastern Brazil, which has been studied lately, because of its antimicrobial and anticancer properties. In order to make an herbal medicine, National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance of Brazil, recommends the production of a drug and plant extracts analysis report indicating:(More)