Francisco Maculé-Beneyto

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We carried out a multicentre study to compare the postoperative femorotibial radiographic axis in two total knee replacement groups; one using manual instrumentation and the other using navigation. In the latter group, three navigation systems were used: Stryker, Orthopilot and Navitrack. The prior circumstances of patients in terms of age, weight,(More)
Infection is one of the most serious complications after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The current incidence of prosthetic knee infection is 1-3%, depending on the series(.) For treatment and control to be more cost effective, multidisciplinary groups made up of professionals from different specialities who can work together to eradicate these kinds of(More)
BACKGROUND One of the most challenging aspects of a revision knee arthroplasty is the management of bone loss. The OBJECTIVE of the study is to show the capability to augment bone mineral density in areas with bone loss with platelet-derived growth factors. METHODS Randomized, prospective, blinded study in patients who underwent a total knee replacement(More)
A case of femoral head necrosis in a patient who suffered an intertrochanteric fracture, treated with Ender nails 1 year before, is presented. The rarity, and possible mechanisms (reduction and type of osteosinthesis) of necrosis are discussed.
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