Francisco M Cazorla

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A collection of 905 bacterial isolates from the rhizospheres of healthy avocado trees was obtained and screened for antagonistic activity against Dematophora necatrix, the cause of avocado(More)
AIM This study was undertaken to isolate Bacillus subtilis strains with biological activity against soil-borne phytopathogenic fungi from the avocado rhizoplane. METHODS AND RESULTS A collection of(More)
AIM This study was undertaken to study bacterial strains obtained directly for their efficient direct control of the avocado white root rot, thus avoiding prescreening by any other possible mechanism(More)
The antibacterial potential of four strains of Bacillus subtilis, UMAF6614, UMAF6619, UMAF6639, and UMAF8561, previously selected on the basis of their antifungal activity and efficacy against(More)
Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae, which causes the bacterial apical necrosis of mango, produces the antimetabolite mangotoxin. We report here the cloning, sequencing, and identity analysis of a(More)