Francisco Luna-Giles

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The new ligand 2-acetyl-2-thiazoline thiosemicarbazone (HATtsc) and the complexes [Co(ATtsc)(2)](2)[CoCl(4)]·2H(2)O (1), [Co(ATtsc)(2)]NO(3)·H(2)O (2), [Ni(HATtsc)(2)](NO(3))(2) (3),(More)
The compound aquanitrate-small ka, CyrillicObis[2-(2-pyridy)-imin-small ka, CyrillicN-N-(2-thiazin-small ka, CyrillicN-2-y)thiazidine]cbat() nitrate has been isolated and characterized by single(More)
The synthesis of 2-(2-pyridyl)iminotetrahydro-1,3-thiazine (PyTz) has been carried out, as well as the determination of its X-ray crystal structure, together with the coordination behaviour and(More)
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