Francisco Lombardi

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DNA self-assembly has been advocated as a possible technique for bottom-up manufacturing of scaffolds for computing systems in the nanoscale region. However, self-assembly is affected by different types of errors (such as growth and facet roughening) that severely limit its applicability. Different methods for reducing the error rate of self-assembly using(More)
The growing expansion of agricultural activities without consideration of the potentialities and limitations of land constitutes a potential source of environment degradation. This work aimed to evaluate the physical proprieties of lands in the micro bosin of Una, Sapé in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, using the classification of the land use capacity . The(More)
The Cabibbo allowed non-leptonic B-decays in two hadrons are studied, within the factorization hypothesis , in the framework of Isgur and Wise theory for the matrix elements of the ∆B = −∆C = ±1 weak currents. The SU (2) HF symmetry relates |∆B| = 1 to |∆C| = 1 currents, which have been measured in the semileptonic strange decays of charmed particles. By(More)
A specific, sensitive, accurate, and precise capillary gas chromatographic assay for determining trace levels of hydroxylamine, a well-known mutagen, in propionohydroxamic acid bulk drug and oral preparations is described. The analytical procedure involves derivatization in a nonaqueous medium with cyclohexanone and use of an internal standard. The(More)
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