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The application of Pb inhibited the development of mycelia of the saprobe fungi Fusarium concolor and Trichoderma koningii and the hyphal length of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AM) Glomus mosseae and G. deserticola in vitro. The application to soil of 1500 mg kg −1 of Pb decreases the dry weight, total N, P, Mg and Fe concentration and chlorophyll(More)
In this paper we propose a novel approach to persuasive technology, based on children-parent interaction, to be implemented in a smart pad ludic application; to contribute to the natural resource consumption problem, not only by raising awareness, but by encouraging informed decisions on their use. We conducted a survey to see which natural resources are(More)
Keywords: Knowledge model KBE development Fixture design Fixture KBE application The development of a knowledge model applied to fixture design is a complex task. The main purpose of such model is the development of a knowledge-based application to assist fixture designers. It comprises a detailed specification of the types and structures of data involved(More)
Interactions between genes and the proteins they synthesize shape genetic regulatory networks (GRN). Several models have been proposed to describe these interactions, been the most commonly used those based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Some approximations using piecewise linear differential equations (PLDEs), have been proposed to simplify the(More)
BACKGROUND Bacillus thuringiensis is the most successful biological control agent used in agriculture, forestry and mosquito control. However, the insecticidal activity of the B. thuringiensis formulation is not very stable and rapidly loses its biological activity under field conditions, due to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Melanin is known to(More)
For years, educational game designers have paid close attention to the development of entertaining experiences for students. Yet, as experts point out, an overwhelming number of projects do not have rigorous Pedagogical foundations. Additionally, many existent educational game design frameworks have a one-size-fits-all approach. That is, they were conceived(More)
Nowadays, the inspection process is an essential part of the manufacturing process, where a product is subjected to verification of the geometric features, dimensions and tolerance specifications with respect to the product design specifications. One of the most interesting topics in the automation of the inspection process is the right fixture design. In(More)
The design of a regulatory control strategy for a pilot rotary kiln to produce activated carbon is presented. A complex dynamic behavior with high non-linearity and an important dead time characterizes the rotary kiln operation. The main control objective of the process is to maintain the solid temperature profile inside of a narrow limit in order to(More)