Francisco Juan Santos

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OBJECTIVE To determine the association between anti-infective exposure during the last two trimesters of pregnancy and the risk of small-for-gestational-age (SGA) newborns. DESIGN Case-control study within the Québec Pregnancy Registry. SETTING Province of Québec, Canada. SAMPLE Analyses were performed on prospectively collected data of 63,338(More)
The ability of ten Bacteroides fragilis strains isolated from intestinal and non-intestinal infections, normal flora and environment to adhere to human colon carcinoma cells, Caco-2, was examined. The adherence capacity varied among the strains tested from strongly adherent (76-100%) to non- or weakly adherent (0-25%). Negative staining with Indian ink(More)
We have studied the possible involvement of cellular cyclic AMP in theophylline-induced sugar gradient enhancement in isolated chicken enterocytes. Theophylline increases 3-O-methylglucose accumulation 3-fold after 30 min incubation. Exogenous cyclic AMP enhances sugar accumulation by 48%. Adenylyl cyclase inhibitor RMI 12 330A reduces theophylline-induced(More)
Urinary bladder function consists in the storage and controlled voiding of urine. Translational studies require animal models that match human characteristics, such as Octodon degus, a diurnal rodent. This study aims to characterize the contractility of the detrusor muscle and the morphology and code of the vesical plexus from O. degus. Body temperature was(More)
The characteristics of the interactions between 3-O-methyl-glucose (3-OMG) and monosaccharides or leucine transport were examined on chick isolated intestinal epithelial cells. In a Na+-medium, the unidirectional influx of 1.5 mM 3-OMG was found to be already inhibited by 37.5 mM glucose and 37.5 mM leucine after 20 s incubation. In Na+-free mannitol(More)
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