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Pleiotrophin antagonizes Brd2 during neuronal differentiation
ABSTRACT Bromodomain-containing protein 2 (Brd2) is a BET family chromatin adaptor required for expression of cell-cycle-associated genes and therefore involved in cell cycle progression. Brd2 isExpand
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The transcription factor Krox20 is an E3 ligase that sumoylates its Nab coregulators
Covalent attachment of small ubiquitin‐like modifier (SUMO) to proteins regulates many processes in the eukaryotic cell. This reaction is similar to ubiquitination and usually requires an E3 ligaseExpand
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The Sumo protease Senp7 is required for proper neuronal differentiation.
Covalent attachment of the Small ubiquitin-like modifier (Sumo) polypeptide to proteins regulates many processes in the eukaryotic cell. In the nervous system, Sumo has been associated with theExpand
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Proteomic analysis reveals Utf1 as a neurogenesis-associated new Sumo target
Post-translational modification by covalent attachment of Sumo regulates numerous processes in vertebrates. Despite demonstrated roles of Sumo in development and function of the nervous system, theExpand