Francisco José Rodríguez

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This paper deals with the extraction of part of the visual information presented in streets, roads, and motorways. This information, provided by either traffic or road signs and route-guidance signs, is extremely important for safe and successful driving. An automatic system that is capable of extracting and identifying these signs automatically would help(More)
Machine vision technology improves productivity and quality management and provides a competitive advantage to industries that employ this technology. In this article, visual inspection and quality control theory are combined to develop a robust inspection system with manufacturing applications. The inspection process might be defined as the one used to(More)
The main goal of the project described in this paper is to create a security system using autonomous surveillance robots that use SODAR-like detection system sensors, working with acoustic signals in air environment and navigation base on Geographic Information System and Markov's models. The surveillance system based on SONAR provides great information(More)
A robotized manufacturing cell of prefabricated GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) panels for construction industry has been developed by DISAM for the Spanish construction company Dragados, S.A. The main contribution of the developed system is the automatic programming and control of the whole plant. As input serves the architect's 3D-drawing of the building(More)
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