Francisco José Mora-Gimeno

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In the present paper we propose a method that permits visualization of manufacturing devices from a functional perspective. The aim of this method is to raise the abstraction level of manufacturing devices from the lower levels of production to the enterprise level of the business model. The target of this new approach is to integrate in a transparent way(More)
Information technologies (IT) currently represent 2% of CO2 emissions. In recent years, a wide variety of IT solutions have been proposed, focused on increasing the energy efficiency of network data centers. Monitoring is one of the fundamental pillars of these systems, providing the information necessary for adequate decision making. However, today’s(More)
In manufacturing organizations is difficult to reach the requirements of the new business models (agile and dynamic adaptation to changes) due to technological and conceptual constraints between elements located at different levels of the organization, which prevents the integration of business and manufacturing processes. In this paper, a new industrial(More)
Self-organising neural networks have shown promise in a variety of applications areas. Their massive and intrinsic parallelism makes those networks suitable to solve hard problems in image-analysis and computer vision applications, especially when non-stationary environments occur. Moreover, this kind of neural networks preserves the topology of an input(More)
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