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Perinates of a new species of Iguanodon (Ornithischia: Ornithopoda) from the lower Barremian of Galve (Teruel, Spain)
Abstract Although Iguanodon is one of the most abundant and well-known of Europe's dinosaur genera, fossils of young specimens are very rare. Indeed, the fossil record contains very few examples ofExpand
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Individual variation in the postcranial skeleton of the Early Cretaceous Iguanodon bernissartensis (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda)
Abstract At the end of nineteenth century, approximately thirty nearly complete skeletons of the ornithopod dinosaur Iguanodon bernissartensis were discovered in Lower Cretaceous deposits inExpand
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Palaeobotanical remains associated with dinosaur fossils from the Camarillas Formation (Barremian) of Galve (Teruel, Spain)
A well-preserved macroflora and rich palynological assemblages corresponding to the Camarillas Formation (early-middle Barremian) in the San Cristóbal and Galve Mine sites from the Galve sub-basin inExpand
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Immunoescape the link between emphysema and lung cancer?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has been reported as a risk factor for lung cancer (LC) (1) independently of smoking and mainly related with the presence of emphysema, even inExpand
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New systematic and phylogenetic data about the early Barremian Iguanodon galvensis (Ornithopoda: Iguanodontoidea) from Spain
Abstract Iguanodon galvensis is the second valid species in the European and Barremian large-ornithopod genus Iguanodon. In the present work, the I. galvensis holotype and referred material from theExpand
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Diente de un coelurosaurio (Theropoda, Dinosauria) del Barremiense (Cretácico Inferior) de El Castellar (Teruel, España)
espanolSe describe una corona dental aislada de un dinosaurio teropodo hallada en un afloramiento del Barremiense (Cretacico Inferior), en el termino municipal de El Castellar (Cuenca del Maestrazgo,Expand
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Diversity of large ornithopod dinosaurs in the upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) of Teruel (Spain): a morphometric approach
We report some large ornithopod vertebrae from two upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) localities in El Castellar (Maestrazgo Basin, Teruel, Spain). These fossils have been studiedExpand
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Fósiles de un hadrosauriforme en el Barremiense inferior de Aliaga (Geoparque del Maestrazgo, Teruel, España)
espanolEn este trabajo comunicamos el hallazgo de dos centros vertebrales correspondientes a una vertebra dorsal y a otra caudal los cuales pertenecen a un gran dinosaurio ornitopodo. Los fosilesExpand