Francisco-Javier Silvestre

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OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy of a new topical capsaicin presentation as an oral rinse in improving the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome (BMS). STUDY DESIGN A prospective, double-blind, cross-over study was made of 30 patients with BMS. There were 7 dropouts; the final study series thus comprised 23 individuals. The patients were randomized to two(More)
Drooling is the uncontrolled leakage of saliva outside the mouth, generally as a result of difficulty in swallowing the saliva produced. Many factors contribute to drooling, though it is more commonly seen in children with brain paralysis - particularly those receiving anticonvulsivant medication. Drooling is also often seen in patients with lip sealing(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study explores bleeding manifestations in routine dental surgical procedures, evaluates the influence of antithrombotic drugs upon bleeding risk, and validates the efficiency of a clinical method for the measurement of bleeding. MATERIAL AND METHOD A prospective observational study was made involving a cohort of 99 patients in the(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontitis has been regarded as a potential risk factor for rheumatoid arthrosis (RA). A systematic review is made to determine whether nonsurgical periodontal treatment in patients with RA offers benefits in terms of the clinical activity and inflammatory markers of the disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS A search was made of the Medline-PubMed,(More)
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