Francisco Javier Sanchez

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Polyp miss-rate is a drawback of colonoscopy that increases significantly for small polyps. We explored the efficacy of an automatic computer-vision method for polyp detection. METHODS Our method relies on a model that defines polyp boundaries as valleys of image intensity. Valley information is integrated into energy maps that(More)
Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening though some polyps are still missed, thus preventing early disease detection and treatment. Several computational systems have been proposed to assist polyp detection during colonoscopy but so far without consistent evaluation. The lack of publicly available annotated databases has made it(More)
— With the adoption of Ethernet-IP as the main technology for building end-to-end real-time networks, the requirement to deliver high availability, quality and secure services over Ethernet and MPLS has become strategic. Critical real-time traffic is generally penalized and the maximum restoration time of 50 msec. sometimes is exceeded because of devices(More)
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