Francisco Javier Ridruejo

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The fat-tree is one of the topologies most widely used to build high-performance parallel computers. However, they are expensive and difficult to build. In this paper we propose two alternative tree-like topologies that are cheaper in terms of cost and complexity, because they are " thinner " than fat-trees: less switches, and less links. We test the(More)
In this paper we discuss environments for the full-system simulation of multicomputers. These environments are composed of a large collection of modules that simulate the compute nodes and the network, plus additional linking elements that perform communication and synchronization. We present our own environment, in which we integrate Simics with INSEE. We(More)
Many simulation-based performance studies of interconnection networks are carried out using synthetic workloads under the assumption of independent traffic sources. Although this assumption may be useful for some traffic patterns, it may lead to erroneous conclusions about the usefulness of some design proposals for heavy loads. In this work we show that(More)
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