Francisco Javier Ramirez Fernandez

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A work in progress of a tool designed to help sports coaches to analyze their players using an RFID technology connected to a 3-layer software is described in this paper. A few ranging techniques available in conventional RFID systems were studied to best fit this application scenario. Together with the RFID equipments, there is a 3-layer system managing(More)
G-means is a data mining clustering algorithm based on k-means, used to find the number of Gaussian distributions and their centers inside a multi-dimensional dataset. This paper presents the performance gain obtained from the development of a parallel G-means algorithm for a heterogeneous multi-processor environment using the StarSs framework, called here(More)
This paper presents the results of a research in progress about a system for multiple users' behavior analysis and program recommendation for digital TV called SmarTV. The research explores a multi-user's behavior analysis and program recommendation using Bluetooth cell phones and a Playstation 3 working as a set-top box connected to a digital TV network(More)
In the flat steel cold rolling process, real-time controllers get their reference values (setpoints) using a mathematical model. Such a model is carried out at the process optimization level of the plant automation architecture. Since not all variables needed by the model can be effectively measured, and since a very accurate modeling would be unsuitable(More)
This paper traces the development of a software tool, based on a combination of artificial neural networks (ANN) and a few process equations, aiming to serve as a backup operation instrument in the reference generation for the real-time controllers of a steel tandem cold mill. By emulating the mathematical model responsible for generating the presets under(More)