Francisco Javier Ramón Salguero

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OBJECTIVES The key objective for this white paper is to provide an update on progress since we published the first joint-operator white paper on Network Functions Virtualisation in October 2012 and initiated the Network Functions Industry Specification Group (NFV ISG) under the auspices of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). [1] This(More)
OBJECTIVES This is a non-proprietary white paper authored by network operators. The key objective for this white paper is to outline the benefits, enablers and challenges for Network Functions Virtualisation (as distinct from Cloud/SDN) and the rationale for encouraging an international collaboration to accelerate development and deployment of interoperable(More)
Nowadays Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing has not only become the dominant source of traffic in the Internet but also an increasingly common way of distributing contents commercially over IP networks, revealing the need of reaching a level of understanding of the behaviour and performance of the different P2P applications similar to that already achieved for(More)
The original Internet model focused mainly on connecting machines, whereby addresses point to physical end hosts, and routing protocols compute routes to specific destination endpoints. Nowadays the Internet is primarily used for transporting content/media, where a high volume of both user-generated and professional digital content (webpages, movies/songs,(More)
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