Francisco Javier Quiles-Latorre

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The microprocessor performance is highly dependent on cache size and structure. This work presents a new design of a reconfigurable cache implemented on FPGA and based on a previous work. Advantages of the new design and the important enhancements are described and analyzed. Experimental background and tests carried out are also discussed. Tests results are(More)
Bees are very important for terrestrial ecosystems and, above all, for the subsistence of many crops, due to their ability to pollinate flowers. Currently, the honey bee populations are decreasing due to colony collapse disorder (CCD). The reasons for CCD are not fully known, and as a result, it is essential to obtain all possible information on the(More)
Public lighting represents a large part of the energy consumption of towns and cities. Efficient management of public lighting can entail significant energy savings. This work presents a smart system for managing public lighting networks based on wireless communication and the DALI protocol. Wireless communication entails significant economic savings, as(More)
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