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The palladium(0) Suzuki cross-coupling reaction as the key step in the synthesis of aporphinoids
Abstract We report a flexible approach to the total synthesis of 4,5-dioxoaporphines based on the palladium(0) catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling of phenylboronic acids with sterically hindered 2-bromoExpand
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Fragmentation of carbohydrate anomeric alkoxyl radicals. Synthesis of highly functionalized chiral vinyl sulfones
The reaction of derivatives of 3-acetyl-d-glucal, 3-acetyl-l-rhamnal, 3-acetyl-d-galactal, and 3-acetyl-d-lactal with sodium benzenesulfinate in acid medium catalyzed by HgSO4 affordedExpand
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Chiral high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and circular dichroism spectra of the enantiomers of cytotoxic aristocularine alkaloids.
The HPLC enantiomeric separation of the racemic cularinoid alkaloids N-p-methoxy-1,alpha-dihydroaristoyagonine (1) and 4',5'-demethoxy-1,alpha-dihydroaristoyagonine (2) was accomplished using fiveExpand
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Synthesis of 3,4-dioxocularine and aristocularine alkaloids in a convergent route from aryloxy-phenyl acetamides involving oxalyl chloride-Lewis Acid
Double cyclization of aryloxy-phenyl acetamides is promoted by oxalyl chloride/stannyl chloride and gives 3,4-dioxocularine and aristocularine alkaloids. Rearrangement of the dibenzoxepine ring priorExpand
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