Francisco Javier Ortega-González

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INTRODUCTION In some studies in children, topiramate showed efficacy. AIM To evaluate efficacy, tolerability and safety of topiramate in monotherapy in newly diagnosed epilepsy vs carbamazepine in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a multicentre, open-label, comparative and randomized study patients with partial epilepsy, were randomized to received(More)
This letter shows a high-power, high-efflciency, wideband Class-E RF power amplifier designed upon the load admittance synthesis concept and built using an uncomplicated low-loss load network with a low loss wideband admittance transformer as the main component. It uses a power Silicon LDMOS transistor to provide up to 145 W at 28 V peak power, up to 86 %(More)
This paper presents a high-power high-efficiency wideband suboptimum Class-E RF power amplifier based on a packaged high-power GaN HEMT. It uses a simple double-reactance compensation and impedance transformation load network that includes device intrinsic capacitance, package parasitics, low-loss microstrip transmission lines, and lumped components. This(More)
An adaptive algorithm to correct phase misalignments in Cartesian feedback linearization loops for power amplifiers has been presented. It yields an error smaller than 0.035 rad between forward and feedback loop signals once convergence is reached. Because this algorithm enables a feedback system to process forward and feedback samples belonging to almost(More)
The use of multiple antennas in MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems at both the transmit and receive sides produces the effect known as antennas correlation which impact the overall channel performance, throughput and bit-error rate (BER). The geometric mean decomposition (GMD) is a signal processing technique which can be used to process transmit(More)
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