Francisco Javier Nieto

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The need for defining flexible and dynamic composed services that can adapt to the execution environment in an easy and quick way brings a new challenge to service centric system development and use. In this article, we present an innovative, easy-to-handle solution that supports the development of self-configuring and context-aware compositions from design(More)
Repeated data collection in cohort studies may be constrained by feasibility concerns, cost and participant burden (Samet & Muñoz 1998). However, efforts spent in tracing cohort members might pay of as obtaining repeated measures will generally improve the precision as well as the validity of the study results. Thus, determining the most effective(More)
Web services are a powerful tool for executing functionalities using third party applications and they are widely used in business processes. For this reason, it is necessary to complement traditional security solutions by adding soft security mechanisms, which take care of trust, in order to determine whether a web service and its provider are performing(More)
OBJECTIVES Poor oral health is an increasingly recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D), but little is known about the association between toothbrushing or flossing and cardiometabolic disease risk. The purpose of this study was to examine the degree to which an oral hygiene index was associated with CVD and T2D risk(More)
In English, odds ratio is a basic epidemiological measure approximating the relative risk. Odds ratio has been translated into Spanish in several ways, which has produced great terminological confusion. On the other hand, the English word odds is often used in epidemiology or statistics English textbooks, alone or as part of other expressions, but always(More)