Francisco Javier Moreno Arboleda

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The Online Social Networking phenomenon is growing rapidly all around the world. As a consequence, in recent years, several studies have been devoted to the analysis of Social Network Sites (SNSs). A specific issue that has been addressed is the identification of leaders based on well-known algorithms such as PageRank [1], [2], [3]. In this talk we give a(More)
A trajectory records the evolution of the position of a moving object in a space during a time interval. In Spaccapietra's trajectory model, trajectories are segmented in subintervals called stops and moves. On the other hand, during some periods failures can occur in the transmission of data of the trajectory causing missings of information. In this paper,(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to express my earnest gratefulness to PhD. Francisco Moreno for guiding me towards achieving my M.S. degree. He was exceptional mentor to me. I thank for guide me in the initial idea for the understanding of the social networks and the physical world through the concepts of trajectories. This thesis only addresses a special issue(More)
A diversity of movement patterns may be identified when studying a set of moving entities. One of these patterns is called V-formation since its shape resembles such letter. Informally, a set of entities shows a V-formation if they are located in one of its two characteristic lines. In this paper, we propose a model for identifying V-formations with(More)