Francisco Javier Martinez-Orozco

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Four patients (2 were HBsAg positive) with acute icteric viral hepatitis (VH) developed acute renal failure (ARF) in the course of their illness and in the absence of other complications. Their peak serum creatinine values (4.7-10, mean 7 mg/dl) were reached either before or simultaneously with their maximum serum aminotransferase values (1,390-2730, mean(More)
We report a case of peripheral neuropathy presenting as acute symmetric areflexic quadriplegia in the setting of a well-defined clinical, histopathologic, and angiographic diagnosis of classic polyarteritis nodosa. While it is usually easy to recognize the typical clinical presentation of necrotizing angiopathy-induced peripheral neuropathy as a(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess and compare the prevalence of migraine in patients with restless legs syndrome (RLS) and matched controls. BACKGROUND Recent studies have suggested an association between migraine and RLS. Our work is the first case-control study on this subject performed in an RLS population. METHODS A case-control study was conducted in 47 RLS(More)
Evidence suggests that autoimmune diseases tend to co-occur so that patients with an autoimmune disorder are at higher risk of a second autoimmune disease. The association between allergic and autoimmune diseases is also of considerable interest. There are no reports on the association between sporadic or familial narcolepsy with cataplexy and other(More)
The IgM myeloma is a rare type of multiple myeloma (MM) with some features which differentiate it from other immunologic types of myeloma and from Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM). Two patients with IgM myeloma in whom the only clinical feature of the disease was the development of bone lesions and general deterioration are reported. In none of the cases(More)
Two cases are reported of cat scratch disease which we consider worth describing both because of their familial presentation (the involved patients were brothers) and the serologic follow-up performed after diagnosis, which showed significant increases in IgG antibody titers to Bartonella henselae in both patients, one on day 35 and the other on day 45(More)