Francisco Javier Martín Santos

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OBJECTIVES To design and validate an instrument to assess satisfaction with home care services, in both self-administered and telephone versions. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional observational study of the population using home care services in the health districts of Malaga, Costa del Sol, Almeria and Granada (Spain). A questionnaire was designed(More)
Social inequalities and health inequalities are closely related, and their reduction is the goal of international organizations and governments as well. In order to better understand the territorial distribution of social inequalities in the city of Málaga (Spain) and compare them with measured health differences, a descriptive study was done using(More)
The authors describe three cases of Cushing' syndrome, due to nodular hyperplasia, simple hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma respectively, and the most useful approaches (dexamethasone, metopirona, insulinic hypoglycemia, cortisol rhythm, catheterism and assessment of urinary free cortisol) for diagnosis and etiology of Cushing's syndrome.
The current treatment of fulminant liver failure, underscoring substitutive liver therapy, is reviewed. The usefulness of hemodialysis and hemofiltration with a high-permeability membrane, hemoperfusion with activated carbon, hemoperfusion with resins, plasma exchange, artificial cells and the combination of various techniques for the same patients has been(More)
The evaluation of interventions in Public Health is a key element through the process of developing health policies, but it is not free of controversy. For doing this purpose it is essential the use of research outcomes, although there are sticking points related to the traditional approach of Evidence Based Medicine, dominated by the randomized clinical(More)
A series of 38 "high risk" selected cases of deep venous thrombosis were studied in an internal Medicine Department. Fibrinogen-125I was used. Phlebographic verification was sought in those cases with a positive response to the fibrinogen. From the 38 cases 13 turned out to be positive; in 8 the venous thrombus was identify by venography. In two cases the(More)