Francisco Javier Gonzalez

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It is well known that differences in energy consumption exist for normal and cancerous tissue. These differences lead to small but detectable local temperature changes, which is why infrared imaging has been used in the detection of different types of cancer; however, the early instrumentation was not sensitive enough to detect the subtle changes in(More)
BACKGROUND The Fitzpatrick skin phototype classification scheme has become the standard method for assessing the reaction of the skin to solar stimuli; this method can be easily biased by different factors, such as ethnicity or chronic sun exposure. METHODS Diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry (DRS) is an objective and non-invasive method used in this(More)
The eradication of Trichophyton rubrum has been attempted via laser irradiation because it could result advantageous relative to current clinical therapies. Anticipating that the necessary thermal effects could unintentionally damage the underlying toe dermal layer, we have explored two auxiliary approaches: (a) laser irradiation under vacuum pressure, with(More)
In this work automatic methods for determining the number of gaussians per state in a set of Hidden Markov Models are studied. Four different mix-up criteria are proposed to decide how to increase the size of the states. These criteria, derived from Maximum Likelihood scores, are focused to increase the discrimination between states obtaining different(More)
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