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BACKGROUND Artemisia vulgaris is a widespread weed in the Mediterranean area and several allergens have been detected in its pollen. One of them, Art v 3, belongs to the lipid-transfer protein (LTP)(More)
BACKGROUND Lipid-transfer proteins (LTPs) have been identified as major allergens of Rosaceae fruits in populations living in areas virtually free of Fagales trees, such as several Mediterranean(More)
BACKGROUND Lipid-transfer proteins (LTPs), but not Bet v 1 homologues, have been identified as major allergens of apple and peach in the Rosaceae fruit-allergic population in the Mediterranean area.(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy over a period of three years (1988-90) of two preseasonal dosage regimens of a Parietaria allergoid (Bencard Tyrosine Parietaria) in(More)
BACKGROUND The peach lipid transfer protein Pru p 3 has been identified as a major allergen from this fruit. Homologous cross-reactive allergens have been found in several plant foods and pollens.(More)