Francisco Javier Gómez Clavelina

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical competence of first-year residents on the course specialising in family medicine, by applying a structured objective clinical test (SOCT) for simultaneous assessment of cognitive, affective and psychomotor areas. DESIGN Observational and descriptive. SETTING Family medicine clinics in the metropolitan area of Mexico(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of social determinants which are characteristics of balanced (functional) and extreme (dysfunctional) families regarding cohesion and flexibility dimensions. DESIGN Observational, randomised survey. SETTING Dr. José Castro Villagrana Primary Care Centre, Health Ministry, Mexico. PATIENTS 270 randomised families of Tlalpan, Mexico(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the construct validity of FACES III in spanish (México). DESIGN Cross-sectional study, descriptive, confirmatory. SETTING Mexico City, South of Federal District, Tlalpan area, divided into geo- statistical zones of a primary care unit. PATIENTS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS A random sample of 270 families selected in their dwellings(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine through five methods (Cronbach's alpha, split, Guttman method, parallel and strict parallel) the confidence coefficient of FACES III, instrument validated on spanish version, and to evaluate it's consistency with these five statistical methods. DESIGN Descriptive, cross-sectional. SETTING Tlalpan Area, south of Federal District,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the needs of medical care and to determine priorities in the delivery of health services by the factorial analysis of the health indicators obtained from study of the demographic, economic and family features of those registered at a Primary Care Centre. DESIGN Descriptive and crossover. SETTING Tlalpan area, Federal District,(More)
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