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Promotional websites in the film industry . The case of the Spanish cinema
The development of web languages and the new communicative needs of the film industry have fostered the evolution of official movie websites. In this context, this research is aimed at establishing aExpand
A Reflection on the Concepts and the Perceptions of Language Policy
Decisions around Language Policy and Planning are made around the world, every day, both formally by governments and informally by academics, community leaders, subjects etc. With regard to theExpand
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Language and Collective Identity in Buñuel. Propaganda in the Film «España 1936»
The Spanish Civil War occupies an important place in the European collective memory. The film language and depiction of that conflict provide an important platform from which to study certainExpand
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Retweets by candidates as part of the political communication 1
The current impact of social networks, especially Twitter, on the political communication strategies is transforming the way in which the electoral campaigns are organized. The purpose of thisExpand
Plural Approaches as a Tool for Galician Studies at the Brazilian University: Didactic Experiences in the UFPR Letters Course
Even today, Galician Studies are (almost) absent in the Brazilian academic landscape. Paradoxical fact, since the role of Galicia and the Galician language are essential for the understanding of theExpand
Image and communication policy in Twitter A qualitative analysis of the images displayed on the network by the main political profiles in Spain during the debate of State of the Union (2015)
Political space in Spain is currently experiencing a profound change that manifests itself in several ways. On one hand, we are witnessing a transition from a bipartisan model to a pluralistic model,Expand
Public relations discourse, ethical propaganda and collective identity in Luis Buñuel’s Spanish Civil War films
Abstract The Spanish Civil War occupies a very relevant place in the collective memory of Europeans. At the beginning of the War, Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel received instructions from the SpanishExpand
Intercultural Sensitivity on the Websites of the Hospitals Belonging to the Andalusian Public Health Service (SSPA), Spain☆
Abstract Attention to interculturality in hospital web services should be considered as an aspect to take into account as an indicator of quality, especially given that little evidence is availableExpand
Arab Political Cartoons and Facebook: Nadia Khiari, Ali Ferzat and Mohammed Sabaaneh:
Throughout history, political cartoons have shown themselves to be an extremely powerful media for satirizing and criticizing regimes and social customs. They have been employed by the social and p...
Presence and specificity of the political communication of the Catalan independence leaders on Twitter in the 2017 regional elections
The regional elections in Catalonia held on 21 December 2017 received wide media coverage, far beyond Spanish media, due to separatist tension in that territory and was one of the main topics in mostExpand