Francisco Jareño

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In this paper we proceed to estimate a measure of the flow-through capability of the firms listed in the Spanish Stock Exchange. The flow-through capability is defined as the ability of firms to transmit inflation shocks to the prices of the products and services sold by the company. According to a strand of literature, this flow-through capability can(More)
We examine investor behavior under interest and inflation risk in different scenarios. To that end, we analyze the relation between stock returns and unexpected changes in nominal and real interest rates and inflation for the US stock market. This relation is examined in detail by breaking the results down from the US stock market level to sector,(More)
This paper analyzes investor behavior depending on the flow-through capability (FTC) in the US stock market, because investors seek protection from inflation rate changes, and the FTC (a firm's ability to transmit inflation shocks to the prices of its products and services) is a key factor in investment decisions. Our estimates of the FTC of firms listed on(More)
Financial literature and financial industry use often zero coupon yield curves as input for testing hypotheses, pricing assets or managing risk. They assume this provided data as accurate. We analyse implications of the methodology and of the sample selection criteria used to estimate the zero coupon bond yield term structure on several financial purposes.(More)
This document analyses cooperative learning in a working group using a problem-based learning methodology. We also evaluate if the perception that each member of the group has of his/her contribution to cooperative learning is greater or lesser than that observed by his/her team-mates. Different elements of the work carried out in the group are analysed,(More)
Acknoledgements: We are indebted to Zvika Afik, Manfred Frühwirth, Alois Geyer, and Christian Wagner for very detailed suggestions and to Robert Korajczyk, and Josef Zechner for helpful discussions. We also thank participants at the Conference of the Multinational Finance Society 2010, the Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and(More)
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