Francisco J. Vico

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Foveal vision features imagers with graded acuity coupled with context sensitive sensor gaze control, analogous to that prevalent throughout vertebrate vision. Foveal vision operates more efficiently than uniform acuity vision because resolution is treated as a dynamically allocatable resource, but requires a more refined visual attention mechanism. We(More)
Algorithmic composition is the partial or total automation of the process of music composition by using computers. Since the 1950s, different computational techniques related to Artificial Intelligence have been used for algorithmic composition, including grammatical representations, probabilistic methods, neural networks, symbolic rule-based systems,(More)
BACKGROUND The neuronal cortical network generates slow (<1 Hz) spontaneous rhythmic activity that emerges from the recurrent connectivity. This activity occurs during slow wave sleep or anesthesia and also in cortical slices, consisting of alternating up (active, depolarized) and down (silent, hyperpolarized) states. The search for the underlying(More)
We investigate some operations where essentially, from a given word w, the word ww′ is constructed where w′ is a modified copy of w or a modified mirror image of w. We study whether ww′ is a primitive word provided that w is primitive. For instance, we determine all cases with an edit distance of w and w′ at most 2 such that the primitivity of w implies the(More)
Unconventional computation (UCOMP) is an important and emerging area of scientific research, which explores new ways of computing that go beyond the traditional model, as well as quantumand brain inspired computing. Such alternatives may encompass novel substrates (e.g., DNA, living cells, or mixtures of the two) as well as new paradigms which, for example,(More)
Across the visual pathway, strong monosynaptic connections generate a precise correlated firing between presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons. The precision of this correlated firing is not the same within thalamus and visual cortex. While retinogeniculate connections generate a very narrow peak in the correlogram (peak width < 1 ms), the peaks generated by(More)
The emergence of novelties, as a generator of diversity, in the form and function of the organisms have long puzzled biologists. The study of the developmental process and the anatomical properties of an organism provides scarce information into the means by which its morphology evolved. Some have argued that the very nature of novelty is believed to be(More)