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BACKGROUND Experiential avoidance and psychological inflexibility have been recently found to be important constructs related to a wide range of psychological disorders and quality of life. The current study presents psychometric and factor structure data concerning the Spanish translation of a general measure of both constructs: the Acceptance and Action(More)
Recent research has found low levels of general self-efficacy (GSE: beliefs about the ability to appropriately handle a wide range of stressors) and high levels of anxiety sensitivity (AS: fear of the negative consequences of experiencing anxiety) to be relevant predictors of pathological worry. This study examined the role of psychological inflexibility(More)
Fourier series in orthogonal polynomials with respect to a measure ν on [−1, 1] are studied when ν is a linear combination of a generalized Jacobi weight and finitely many Dirac deltas in [−1, 1]. We prove some weighted norm inequalities for the partial sum operators Sn, their maximal operator S * and the commutator [M b , Sn], where M b denotes the(More)
— Performance optimization for networked and embedded control systems refers to the ability of minimizing con-trollers' resource utilization and/or improving control performance. Event-driven control has been shown to be a promising technique for minimizing controllers' computational demands. However, optimization of control performance for event-driven(More)
We analyze the asymptotic behavior of the Apostol-Bernoulli polynomials Bn(x; λ) in detail. The starting point is their Fourier series on [0, 1] which, it is shown, remains valid as an asymptotic expansion over compact subsets of the complex plane. This is used to determine explicit estimates on the constants in the approximation, and also to analyze(More)
General expressions are found for the orthonormal polyno-mials and the kernels relative to measures on the real line of the form µ+M δ c , in terms of those of the measures dµ and (x−c) 2 dµ. In particular , these relations allow us to obtain that Nevai's class M (0, 1) is closed for adding a mass point, as well as several bounds for the polynomials and(More)
Hurwitz found the Fourier expansion of the Bernoulli polynomials over a century ago. In general, Fourier analysis can be fruitfully employed to obtain properties of the Bernoulli polynomials and related functions in a simple manner. In addition, applying the technique of Möbius inversion from analytic number theory to Fourier expansions, we derive(More)
Contemporary behavior analytic research is making headway in analyzing analogy as the establishment of a relation of coordination among common types of trained or derived relations. Previous studies have been focused on within-domain analogy. The current study expands previous research by analyzing cross-domain analogy as relating relations among separate(More)
We study some problems related to convergence and divergence a.e. for Fourier series in systems {(pk} , where {(¡>k} is either a system of orthonor-mal polynomials with respect to a measure dp on [-1, 1] or a Bessel system on [0,1]. We obtain boundedness in weighted LP spaces for the maximal operators associated to Fourier-Jacobi and Fourier-Bessel series.(More)