Francisco J. Puente

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SIP is probably one a of the most important protocols for Internet, it has the faculty to make calls from Internet, mutually with TCP/IP and HTTP, they become to Internet in the architecture which people enjoy daily. Thinking to future what better idea that SIP would be a standard for VoIP signaling over Internet. The VoIP providers actually are systems(More)
This paper describes an application of Information Technologies (IT) in the data-processing and implementation of quality tests to oceanographic data measured by a wave” “ directional ocean buoy with the goal of having reliable information for forecasting in the field of oceanography. The development of computational algorithms and the(More)
The procedure and main result of a comparative study based on using an autoregressive model and an artificial intelligence technique applied to a Wimax traffic data series forecasting task are presented in this document. The time series forecasting methods being compared are: ANFIS model (Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference Sys-tem) and ARIMA model(More)
This article presents a model development of the round trip time in a TCP/IP data network using Nonlinear System Identification techniques, normally employed in Process Control modeling. To achieve this goal, was necessary studying the tools and techniques used by Process Control Engineering and the data collection in TCP/IP data networks. This work(More)
This work aimed to show that time series are an excellent tool for data traffic modelling within Wi-Fi networks. Box-Jenkins methodology, which is herein described, was used to achieve this objective. Wi-Fi traffic modelling through correlated models, like time series, allow to adjust a great part of the data behavior dynamics in a single equation and,(More)
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