Francisco J Pomares

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In order to identify genetic factors related to thyroid cancer susceptibility, we adopted a candidate gene approach. We studied tag- and putative functional SNPs in genes involved in thyroid cell differentiation and proliferation, and in genes found to be differentially expressed in thyroid carcinoma. A total of 768 SNPs in 97 genes were genotyped in a(More)
The costly disposal of the semisolid residual pomace generated in the two phase extraction used in modern olive mills is causing serious problems to the small oil producers of rural southeastern Spain. Composting may be a viable alternative since complementary residues are usually available in these areas to prepare an adequate starting mixture. In this(More)
Biological and chemical methods to predict the level of plant-available N in animal manure were investigated under laboratory and growth-chamber conditions. Two biological methods (maize cultivation in pots and incubation of soil-waste mixtures) and four chemical methods (N extraction by autoclaving, 0.5 N KMnO4, pepsin, and 6 N HCl) were compared for their(More)
The effects of usual or recommended rates of application of five organic amendments (24 t/ha yr of MSW compost, sewage sludge, and ovine manure, 2.4 t/ha yr of commercial vermicompost, and 100 l/ha yr of a commercial humic acids solution) on the soil contents of organic matter, total humified substances, humic acids, carbohydrates and microbial gums, and(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic study of the RET proto-oncogene has modified the management, treatment, and prognosis of medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC), multiple endocrine neoplasia 2A (MEN 2A), for patients with less advanced tumor stages. Classically, the diagnosis was based on an increase in basal and poststimulus peak calcitonin (bCT and pCT). Prophylactic(More)
OBJECTIVES Phaeochromocytoma may be either sporadic or part of a familial cancer syndrome. We have investigated whether there are differences between sporadic and MEN 2A phaeochromocytomas. DESIGN A retrospective study. We analysed age at presentation, sex, mode of presentation, clinical data, laboratory and imaging techniques, treatment, pathology and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Laboratory tests are crucial for diagnosis and monitoring of thyroid disorders. It is therefore necessary to study the pattern and variability in requests of thyroid function tests. The study objectives were to compare the inter-regional variability in the request of laboratory thyroid tests by general practitioners (GPs) in Spain,(More)
INTRODUCTION To study the pre-design and success of a strategy based on the addition of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in the blood samples of certain primary care patients to detect new cases of type 2 diabetes. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a first step, we retrospectively calculated the number of HbA1c that would have been measured in one year if HbA1c would have(More)
Watermelon (Citrillus lanatus) plants were grown for two consecutive years in open-top chambers with three different ozone concentrations (O3-free air, O3 ambient, and air with additional O3; CFA, NFA, and NFA+O3) and three nitrogen fertilizer concentrations [0, 14.0, and 29.6 g N per pot; N0, N1, and N2). There was an interaction between ozone and N(More)