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Small and medium enterprises are a very important cog in the gears of the world economy. The software industry in most countries is composed of an industrial scheme that is made up mainly of small and medium software enterprises—SMEs. To strengthen these types of organizations, efficient Software Engineering practices are needed—practices which have been(More)
Keywords: Software process improvement Small software companies Model to guide improvements Agile methods Scrum SPI a b s t r a c t For software process improvement – SPI – there are few small organizations using models that guide the management and deployment of their improvement initiatives. This is largely because a lot of these models do not consider(More)
Competisoft provides the Latin American software industry with a reference framework for improvement and certification of its software processes.The project is based on proven solutions, including the MoProSoft model that four Mexican software companies applied to increase their processes' capacity level.
To support Small Software Enterprises -- VSEs-- when they are dealing with the first processes that must be considered as they undertake a project of Software Process Improvement --SPI--, we have defined a set of processes which we consider to be of high-priority when initiating the implementation of an improvement project in VSEs. This paper introduces(More)
SUMMARY ISO has recently published Part 7 of the ISO/IEC 15504 standard, with the aim of determining the extent to which an organization consistently implements processes that contribute to achievement of its business goals. This new Part 7 of ISO/IEC 15504 has addressed issues related to the assessment of organizational maturity, as the CMMI-DEV model also(More)
There are many companies doing software development in a distributed way nowadays, due to the great benefits that it provides, however, this type of development also leads to multiple complications such as deteriorated communications. Among the most widespread methodologies for software development is the Rational Unified Process (RUP). However, in recent(More)