Francisco J. Piera

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We prove some new pathwise comparison results for single class stochas-tic fluid networks. Under fairly general conditions, monotonicity with respect to the (state-and time-dependent) routing matrices is shown. Under more restrictive assumptions , monotonicity with respect to the service rates is shown as well. We conclude by using the comparison results to(More)
We consider a general stochastic input-output dynamical system with output evolving in time as the solution to a functional coefficients, Itô's stochastic differential equation, excited by an input process. This general class of stochastic systems encompasses not only the classical communication channel models, but also a wide variety of engineering systems(More)
Severe lodging has occurred in many improved rice varieties after the recent strong typhoons in East and Southeast Asian countries. The indica variety Takanari possesses strong culm characteristics due to its large section modulus, which indicates culm thickness, whereas the japonica variety Koshihikari is subject to substantial bending stress due to its(More)
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