Francisco J. Melero

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Reconstructing vessels from sherds is a complex task, specially for hand made pottery. That is the case of the Iberian vessels. The reconstruction process can be done in three steps: orientation of the sherd, computing the symmetry axis and detecting the profile. This paper presents methods to accomplish these three tasks in a semi-automatic way. This(More)
Space-Partition Octree (SP-Octree) is a hierarchical representation scheme for solid modelling. It allows a multiresolution representation of polyhedral objects, and has been successfully used in progressive transmission. Moreover, this scheme allows visualising the model in an adaptive way. However, at intermediate levels of the SP-Octree, the obtained(More)
This study investigated how the delivery of interpretation affects the experience of visitors at heritage sites, with a specific focus on location-based media. Presented are the steps leading to the development of three digital prototypes along with audience observations and evaluations, and the resulting framework that raises important questions that(More)
SP-Octrees (Space-Partition Octrees) allow a multiresolution representation of poly-hedral objects, and have been successfully used in progressive transmission. Nonetheless , the SP-Octree is a solid modeling structure, intended to solve problems as solid intersections and point inclusion tests. At intermediate levels of the SP-Octree, the visualization is(More)
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