Francisco J. Higuera

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The equations describing the rst two terms of an asymptotic expansion of the solution of the planar turbulent mixing layer for values of the velocity ratio close to one are obtained. The rst term of this expansion is the solution of the well-known time-evolving problem and the second, which includes the eects of the increase of the turbulence scales in the(More)
The Kroemer model for the Gunn effect in a circular geometry (Corbino disks) has been numerically solved. The results have been interpreted by means of asymptotic calculations. Above a certain onset dc voltage bias, axisymmetric pulses of the electric field are periodically shed by an inner circular cathode. These pulses decay as they move towards the outer(More)
  • F J Higuera
  • 2008
A simple model of the transfer of charge and ion evaporation in the meniscus of an ionic-liquid ion source working in the purely ionic regime is proposed on the basis of order-of-magnitude estimates which show that, in this regime, (i) the flow in the meniscus is dominated by the viscosity of the liquid and is affected very little by the mass flux(More)
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