Francisco J. Higuera

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An analysis is carried out of the electric field-induced evaporation of ions from the surface of a polar liquid that is being electrosprayed in a vacuum. The high-field cone-to-jet transition region of the electrospray, where ion evaporation occurs, is studied taking advantage of its small size and neglecting the inertia of the liquid and the space charge(More)
The generation of identical droplets of controllable size in the micrometer range is a problem of much interest owing to the numerous technological applications of such droplets. This work reports an investigation of the regime of periodic emission of droplets from an electrified oscillating meniscus of a liquid of low viscosity and high electrical(More)
Numerical computations and order-of-magnitude estimates are used to describe the time evolution of a drop of a very viscous liquid of finite electrical conductivity attached to a metallic plate which is suddenly subject to a uniform electric field. Under the action of the electric stresses induced at its surface, the drop elongates in the direction of the(More)
The equations describing the rst two terms of an asymptotic expansion of the solution of the planar turbulent mixing layer for values of the velocity ratio close to one are obtained The rst term of this expansion is the solution of the well known time evolving problem and the second which includes the e ects of the increase of the turbulence scales in the(More)
A simple model of the transfer of charge and ion evaporation in the meniscus of an ionic-liquid ion source working in the purely ionic regime is proposed on the basis of order-of-magnitude estimates which show that, in this regime, (i) the flow in the meniscus is dominated by the viscosity of the liquid and is affected very little by the mass flux(More)
A simple and general method is presented to calculate the equilibrium surface of a liquid that penetrates spontaneously, due to capillarity, in the gap between two vertical corrugated plates. Several properties of the equilibrium solution are discussed and the results are backed by a qualitative experiment.
A simple model is proposed for the flow around the apex of a meniscus of a liquid undergoing ion evaporation in a vacuum under the action of a high electric field. The model includes a simplified description of the effect of the space charge surrounding the evaporating surface, and the idealizations that ion evaporation occurs at a constant surface field(More)
An asymptotic analysis of the Gunn effect in two-dimensional samples of bulk n GaAs with circular contacts is presented. A moving pulse far from contacts is approximated by a moving free boundary separating regions where the electric potential solves a Laplace equation with subsidiary boundary conditions. The dynamical condition for the motion of the free(More)