Francisco J. Gutierrez

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TheGerman agronomist Hiltner first defined the rhizosphere, in 1904, as the ‘effect’ of the roots of legumes on the surrounding soil, in terms of higher microbial activity because of the organic matter released by the roots. Until the end of the twentieth century, this ‘effect’ was not considered to be an ecosystem. It is interesting to make some brief(More)
Social media is increasingly being used to support interaction among family members. However, differences in media preferences and interaction patterns challenge intergenerational communication. It impacts negatively on the physical and mental health of older adults. Trying to bridge such a communication asymmetry, this paper reports the primary results of(More)
One of the main issues when developing distributed collaborative systems is to support synchronization processes. The Coupled Objects paradigm has emerged as a way to easily support these processes by dynamically coupling arbitrary user interface objects between heterogeneous applications. In this article we present an architecture for developing(More)
Human population will reach 9,100 million by 2,050, which supposes an increase of 34% respect present situation. This growth will occur in emerging countries mainly. As a consequence of that, there will be an increase in global demand for foods, feed and energy. Initial estimation on the increment of this world demands are in the order of 70%. Accordingly,(More)
Monthly samples were taken from November 2004 to October 2005 in the Los Frailes reef, BCS, Mexico. The objective was to determine the feeding habits of the pufferfish, Arothron meleagris, as well as possible variations in feeding patterns due to size and/or sex. We captured 101 specimens, with all stomachs contained food. The index of relative importance(More)