Francisco J. Gutierrez

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Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is absolutely required for survival of dopaminergic (DA) nigrostriatal neurons and protect them from toxic insults. Hence, it is a promising, albeit experimental, therapy for Parkinson's disease (PD). However, the source of striatal GDNF is not well known. GDNF seems to be normally synthesized in neurons,(More)
The German agronomist Hiltner first defined the rhizosphere, in 1904, as the ‘effect’ of the roots of legumes on the surrounding soil, in terms of higher microbial activity because of the organic matter released by the roots. Until the end of the twentieth century, this ‘effect’ was not considered to be an ecosystem. It is interesting to make some brief(More)
BACKGROUND Highly active antiretroviral therapy produces a significant decrease in HIV-1 replication and allows an increase in the CD4 T-cell count, leading to a decrease in the incidence of opportunistic infections and mortality. However, the cost, side effects and complexity of antiretroviral regimens have underscored the immediate need for additional(More)
Most related research about intra-family communication follows the reality of developed countries, where older adults can live independently from their families and are likely to embrace technology. Contrarily, in Chile and other Latin American countries, most older adults live close to their families, are usually dependent of the latter, and rarely use(More)
We have been experiencing an explosion in the market of social web-sites that aim not only to entertain us, but also to help us enlarge our professional networks, to redefine business models and capture new customers, to modify the way learning and teaching are performed, among others. So far, little research has been done on what drives individuals to(More)
Once older adults become less self-sufficient, one or more adult children often assume the role of family caregiver. Unfortunately, this situation is usually perceived as stressful by caregivers. To better understand this process, we interviewed intergenerational triads: older adults, their adult children acting as caregivers, and their grandchildren. The(More)
SUMMARY Personal security is an open problem in large cities. After several attempts to reduce violence and crime, there seems to be an agreement that preventive actions are the best way to address this problem. Trying to help deal with that challenge, this paper proposes a mobile collaborative application, named Personal Guardian, which is used by(More)