Francisco J Gutierrez-Aviño

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Control of growth determines the size and shape of organs. Localized signals known as 'organizers' and members of the Pax family of proto-oncogenes are both elements in this control. Pax proteins have a conserved DNA-binding paired domain, which is presumed to be essential for their oncogenic activity. We present evidence that the organizing signal Notch(More)
Cancer is both a genetic and an epigenetic disease. Inactivation of tumour-suppressor genes by epigenetic changes is frequently observed in human cancers, particularly as a result of the modifications of histones and DNA methylation. It is therefore important to understand how these damaging changes might come about. By studying tumorigenesis in the(More)
Editorial Chance is a necessity p1 Correspondence A call for accurate phenotype definition in the study of complex disorders p3 Reply to "A call for accurate phenotype definition in the study of complex disorders" pp3-4 Two Pax are better than one pp10-11 Richard S Mann Marking Xs, together and separately pp12-13 Mary Ann Handel Diverse powerhouses pp13-14(More)
A key aim of neurodevelopmental research is to understand how precursor cells decide to stop dividing and commence their terminal differentiation at the correct time and place. Here, we show that minibrain (mnb), the Drosophila ortholog of the Down syndrome candidate gene DYRK1A, is transiently expressed in newborn neuronal precursors known as ganglion(More)
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