Francisco J. Garcia

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—WiFi fingerprinting has received much attention for indoor mobile phone localization. In this study, we examine the impact of various aspects underlying a WiFi fingerprinting system. Specifically, we investigate different definitions for fingerprinting and location estimation algorithms across different indoor environments ranging from a multi-storey(More)
—We present a mobile crowdsensing approach for urban WiFi characterization that leverages commodity smart-phones and the natural mobility of people. Specifically, we report measurement results obtained for Edinburgh, a representative European city, on detecting the presence of deployed WiFi APs via the mobile crowdsensing approach. They show that few(More)
Protein ubiquitination is a highly versatile post-translational modification that regulates as diverse processes as protein degradation and kinase activation. Deubiquitinases hydrolyse ubiquitin modifications from proteins and are hence key regulators of the ubiquitin system. Ovarian tumour deubiquitinases comprise a family of fourteen human enzymes, many(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent pilot report, we showed that Smac/DIABLO mRNA is expressed de novo in a subset of cervical cancer patients. We have now expanded this study and analyzed Smac/DIABLO expression in the primary lesions in 109 cervical cancer patients. METHODS We used immunohistochemistry of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections to analyze(More)
—With ever growing data traffic the traditional mobile network architecture is struggling to cope. Network densification using heterogeneous networks supported by Cloud-RAN is one of the core concepts in terms of physical resources. The system achieves increased capacity by reducing the number of devices (commonly refered to as user equipment-UE) connected(More)
This paper discusses a proposal for the visualization of software evolution, with a focus on combining insight on changes that affect software metrics at project and class level, the project structure, the class hierarchy and the viewing of source code correlated to indirect class coupling. The proposed visualization supports several tasks: the comparison(More)
—We study coexistence interference that arises between multiple collocated radio interfaces on 802.11 based multi-radio platforms used for mesh networks. We show that such interference can be so severe that it prevents concurrent successful operation of collocated interfaces even when they use channels from widely different frequency bands. We propose the(More)
—We consider for the first time available bandwidth estimation (ABE) in the context of 802.11n, which is fast replacing the legacy 802.11a/b/g networks. We experimentally show that the frame aggregation (FA) feature of 802.11n is the dominant one among 802.11n features affecting the ABE. Using an indoor 802.11n wireless testbed, we compare three ABE tools(More)
Network tomography offers a useful method to identify internal problems in a network using data which can be obtained at the network's edge. Provided the topology of the network is known then it is possible to recover from the edge measurements some properties of internal links of the network which may not be accessible for any number of reasons-cost,(More)
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