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Correct requirements determination is a critical factor in software development as it takes resources and it is an error prone activity which can bring tragic consequences to the rest of the software life cycle. Having stored reusable requirements elements, both qualified and classified, in a repository might contribute to taking advantage of software(More)
Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs, both in their major approaches xMOOC and cMOOC, are attracting a very interesting debate about their influence in the higher education future. MOOC have both great defenders and detractors. As an emerging trend, MOOCs have a hype repercussion in technological and pedagogical areas, but they should demonstrate their real(More)
Web development is promoting important advantages for educational area specially e-learning systems. By one side Learning Objects (LOs) aim the possibility to reuse specific information and by the other side they can be interchanged though different context and platforms according to the user's needs. However an urgent necessity exists to guarantee the LOs(More)
The aim of this research is to contribute to the general system education providing new insights and resources. This study performs a quasi-experimental study at University of Salamanca with 30 students to compare results between using an anatomic app for learning and the formal traditional method conducted by a teacher. The findings of the investigation(More)
This paper analyses aspects about the recommendation process in distributed information systems. It extracts similarities and differences between recommendations in e-stores and the recommendations applied to an e-learning environment. It also explains the phenomena of self-organization and cooperative emergence in complex systems coupled with bio-inspired(More)
This paper present a research project that tries to extend the MOOC ecosystems by integrating external tools like social networks. This integration is developed by using a software architecture that mediate between the different systems and platforms establishing communication workflows and analyzing the information retrieved. This kind of system is applied(More)