Francisco J Egea Gonzalez

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When the frenzied and irregular food-recruitment dances of bumblebees were first discovered, it was thought that they might represent an evolutionary prototype to the honeybee waggle dance. It later emerged that the primary function of the bumblebee dance was the distribution of an alerting pheromone. Here, we identify the chemical compounds of the(More)
Magnetodielectric small spheres present unusual electromagnetic scattering features, theoretically predicted a few decades ago. However, achieving such behaviour has remained elusive, due to the non-magnetic character of natural optical materials or the difficulty in obtaining low-loss highly permeable magnetic materials in the gigahertz regime. Here we(More)
We present a numerical study of the spectral variations of localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) in a 3D-probe metallic nanoparticle scanned over an inhomoegeneous dielectric surface. The possibilities for both, index monitoring and lateral resolution at nanoscale level are explored, with special attention paid to the shape of the probe and the(More)
Dermal exposure to pesticides is one of the main sanitary problems which greenhouses workers face. With the dual aims of establishing both the body part that receives the greatest exposure and the variable that has greatest influence on this exposure level, 22 pesticide application trials were performed. Trials were carried out in different greenhouse(More)
We numerically analyze the spectral properties of localized plasmon resonances in metal nanoparticles when these are above a dielectric substrate. This analysis is performed as a function of the various parameters involved in the problem (relative optical properties, particle-substrate separation, angle of incidence, etc.). It can be shown that from the(More)
Studies on single scattering of electromagnetic waves by magnetic particles were reported in the 1980s by Kerker et al. [J. Opt. Soc. Am.73, 765 (1983)]. They obtained that very small spherical particles with electric permittivity and magnetic permeability values such that epsilon=(4-mu)/(2mu+1) do not produce forward scattering. We show here that this(More)
Experimental measurements of the light scattered from a metallic circular cylinder, with a section diameter comparable with the incident wavelength, upon a metallic flat substrate are presented. The validity of the theoretical numerical calculation obtained from a one-dimensional model based on Maxwell's coupled integral equations for real metals is(More)
Lorenz-Mie resonances produced by small spheres are analyzed as a function of their size and optical properties (epsi > or < 0, mu > or < 0). New generalized (mu not equal to 1) approximate and compact expressions of the first four Lorenz-Mie coefficients (a1, b1, a2, and b2) are calculated. With these expressions and for small particles with various values(More)
The estimation of the uncertainty associated to analytical methods is necessary in order to establish the comparability of results. Multiresidue analytical methods lack very often of information about uncertainty of results with likely implications when results are compared with maximum residue levels (MRL) established by regulations. An adequate(More)