Francisco J Donis

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The relationship between gender, age, and workers' attitudes toward sexual harassment as measured by the Sexual Harassment Attitudes Scale was examined. Participants were full-time workers employed at a local hardware-manufacturing company or a local utility company in New England. Results indicated that the women younger than 40 years old were(More)
In the experiments described in this paper we examined the effects of contextual stimuli on pigeons' recognition of visual patterns. Experiment 1 showed a context-superiority effect. Specifically, two target forms that were identical except for location in the visual field were not discriminated when presented alone, but the compounds formed when each of(More)
Eight pigeons (Columba livia) were trained to discriminate between diagonal lines presented alone or embedded in a redundant L-shape right-angle form. The stimuli were white and were presented in an environment that was otherwise totally dark. Numerous experiments done with human observers have shown a strong superiority effect when the diagonal lines are(More)
The effects of identical context on pattern recognition by pigeons for outline drawings of faces were investigated by training pigeons to identify (Experiment 1) and categorize (Experiment 2) these stimuli according to the orientation of the mouth-an upright U shape representing a smiling mouth or an inverted U shape representing a sad mouth. These target(More)
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