Francisco J. Díaz

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Feature models and their extensions have been proposed and used over the past 20 years for modeling the commonality and variability of software systems. However, the increasing runtime demands and post-deployment configuration procedures of self-adaptive, context-aware and pervasive systems has brought the need for modeling context features. In addition,(More)
Current runtime variability mechanisms are still maturing, and the paradigm of dynamic software product lines demand adequate solutions based on effective dynamic variability mechanisms able to manage the variability at runtime. Today, few approaches have been proposed and tested in real dynamic software products lines. In practice, the solutions suggested(More)
Computation of the meteorological parameters in airport environment is a more difficult task than it may appear-at first. This work contributes with a practical description to describe this question when embedded systems are available. It is based on the author's experience as system designers and in international rules from the International Civil Aviation(More)
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