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Having a sense of purpose is one of the tenets of well-being, at any age. Here, the authors review technologies that could help older adults remain active in society -- in particular, those who can't leave their home regularly or easily. The authors also discuss areas that current research and practice haven't yet addressed satisfactorily.
Background. Regular physical activity can substantially improve the physical wellbeing of older adults, preventing several chronic diseases and increasing cognitive performance and mood. However, research has shown that older adults are the most sedentary segment of society, spending much of their time seated or inactive. A variety of barriers make it(More)
In this paper we describe the design and validation of a virtual fitness environment aiming at keeping older adults physically and socially active. We target particularly older adults who are socially more isolated, physically less active, and with less chances of training in a gym. The virtual fitness environment, namely Gymcentral, was designed to enable(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine dissemination outcomes and faculty perceptions of senior research projects conducted from 2008 to 2011 by PharmD students in a curricular pathway focused on direct patient care. METHODS Preceptors' reported dissemination outcomes of research projects were surveyed and their perceptions of the precepting experience were rated using a(More)
In this paper we aim at understanding if and how, by analysing people’s profile and historical data (such as data available on Facebook profiles and interactions, or collected explicitly) we can motivate two persons to interact and eventually create long-term bonds. We do this by exploring the relationship between connectedness, social interactions and(More)
BACKGROUND Intervention programs to promote physical activity in older adults, either in group or home settings, have shown equivalent health outcomes but different results when considering adherence. Group-based interventions seem to achieve higher participation in the long-term. However, there are many factors that can make of group exercises a(More)
In most of the automated systems for visual inspection tasks, real time requirements constitute an important aspect to have in to account in the design of them. Often, a frame-grabber attached to a MMXoptimised software libraries are not enough to satisfy the above requirements and it is necessary to use expensive specialised hardware and architectures.(More)